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Youth Action Learning and Action Research


Learning How To Support National Online Youth-Led Research

Stuart, K., Terras, D., Allen, L., Bateman, C., Clinton, C., Franklin, L., Kinnersley, L., Linehan, S., Lucioni, L., Merrington, L., & Shaukat, A.

Co-Researchers, Penrith, ENG, GB

Action Research Portfolio  | 2021 | Stuart, K., Terras, D., Allen, L., Bateman, C., Clinton, C., Franklin, L., Kinnersley, L., Linehan, S., Lucioni, L., Merrington, L., & Shaukat, A.

The authors are a group of co-researchers from across the UK. Eight young people from across the UK who had volunteered to join a young person’s network at the National Youth Agency. They were supported by three adults, one from the University of Cumbria and two from the National Youth Agency. The young people formed two groups, each conducting their own research project and publishing their own reports. After this we all co-authored this paper documenting the process of participatory research.   

Published with the support from the Social Publishers Foundation


COVID-19 And Young People: Impact And Solutions

Action Research Portfolio | 2020 | By PRIA Youth (Participatory Research In Asia)


Since 2017, in line with the organisation’s long-term strategy, PRIA Youth has engaged deliberately, actively and inclusively with young people across India as part of its Youth-n-Democracy (YnD) program. The vision of PRIA Youth is to support and foster democracy and its democratic institutions, in which aware, active and engaged young citizens make democracy function in their lives, every day. In this research they document the impact of COVID on students specifically those who did not have digital resources to support distance learning. They also documented how economic hardships resulted in the loss of youth part-time jobs that were essentional to poorer families. Examining mental health issues during the pandemic, they suggest that the youth can play an active role helping themselves and the people around them. 

Published with the support from the Social Publishers Foundation

Volunteers Packing Food
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Becoming Citizens of the World Youth Action Research - STEM - Peru

Carlos Chiu 

Director, Colegio de Ciencias in Huanuco Peru

Action Research Projects  | 2015-2019 | Carlos Chiu

Carlos has been working with both teachers and secondary students at the Colegio de Ciencias in Huanuco Peru to challenge them to be responsible citizens of the world.  This work has taken place across four action projects the students have created videos to document their work. Each of these projects challenged students to take on the responsibility of changing their world for the better.  The students did not get course credit or funding for their work.  Their participation was focus on learning the responsibilities of being a responsible citizen in a global environment. He is a member of the International Education and Resource Network (iEARN) and his work is featured on the IEARN action research site.


Action Research Projects:


AR Project  1: Quillarumi: Preserving the Rich Archaeological Sites of Peru


AR Project  2: Clean Water and the Challenges of Pollution 


AR Project  3: Design Solutions to Clean Polluted Water


AR Project  4: Participation in the Climate Change Movement 



Crafting an Inclusive School Tech Club- Amplifying Student Voice

Josh Burker

Teacher, Independent Day School

Action Research Portfolio  | 2006-2021 | Josh Burker

Josh recreates his action research portfolio from 2006 reflecting on the changes he saw.  He started with the value of inclusion and equity and ended up developing a set of leadership experiences for these students.  The project shifted from a focus on computer club to one of students' voice and how he could work with students to help them see how technology can enable them to participate in the school community in ways that were less available in the past and even more available now in the future.  His action research was part of his work for his M. A. from Pepperdine University.  



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