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Creating a Maker Space in an Elementary School Library

Anne Mlod

Action Research Portfolio | 2019 | Anne Mlod

Teacher Colleagues


Anne is a school librarian at a K-6 elementary school in Auburn, NY. My school has approximately 400 students. I am passionate about helping students become lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. For her action research, she investigated the following question:

How can I design my library makerspace so that it is used effectively at all grade levels? Working with a team of teachers at her school and from a global network (iEARN) she explored with teachers and students how to transform a section of the library into a maker space. 

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An Action Research Report on supporting Project-Based Learning at Centro Interescolar de Linguas (CIL)

Isabel Teixeira 

Action Research Portfolio | 2017 | Isabel Teixeira

Teacher Colleagues


Teacher frustration was evident at Isabel's school but it is not leading teachers to change their practices. Her first effort was to experiment with project-based learning on a global network (iEARN). She used project-based learning to change her classroom. Then Isabel wanted to see if she could use what she learned to help the teaching staff at her school improve the way they help students learn new languages. She wanted to close the gap between teacher expectations and student achievement. 


Two-Way Immersion programs: improving transition practices with academically at-risk students.

Jordi Solsona-Puig

Action Research Portfolio | 2017 | Jordi Solsona-Puig


Jordi Solsona-Puig engaged in a two-year participatory action research project with a team of educators investigating the best transition practices for academically at-risk students. The students were transitioning from a Spanish two-way immersion elementary Program into a similar program in a southern California middle school.

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Flip PD: A Blended Approach to Professional Development

Patrick Staley 

Action Research Portfolio | 2016 | Patrick Staley 

District Teachers 

During his time as a teacher he was presented with numerous opportunities to articulate the success we achieved through blended learning and appropriate learning technologies. He quickly found that his energy and excitement for teaching extended beyond the classroom to reach adults in a similar manner. He expanded the scope of his career so that he can have an impact districts by helping teachers. Instead of paving the way for others to follow, he learned to provide the right environment and tools for others to feel confident in navigating the path on their own. Throughout this research he discovered that the most essential tool a teacher can have is a positive relationship with those working right next to them.

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A collaborative Learning Experience for Pre-service Teachers through the iEARN Platform

Dr. Sunita Bhadgwat

Action Research Portfolio | 2015 Sunita | Bhadgwat

Pre-service Teachers


In this pilot study, a cohort of 15 preservice student teachers of Smt. Kapila Khandvala college of Education in Mumbai were introduced to iEARN as a global education organization and asked to select a project to use as the focus of their action research process. Nine teacher educators were also a part of the process. An overall coordinator from the college managed the group and coordinated activities using communication tools like Whatsapp and the iEARN Collaboration Centre.