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We invite you to join our interactive spaces where you can help us think about how to support action research and action researchers.


We have developed the Action Research Tutorials as a free resource to help practitioners learn how to do action research. Action research helps you to become a more powerful version of yourself, able to engage in, and engage others in a process of continual learning and change. The course is comprised of 12 Tutorials each with a short video to watch, a set of activities to complete (with linked writing templates that can be downloaded individually or can be accessed in the Action Research Activity Workbook), and resources to support the completion of the activities. The goal of creating these materials is to "flip the classroom" so that learning about action research is done outside of the collaborative learning space so that valuable collaborative time can be used to support the action research ideas of each person in the group or class. 

Please join our linked Action Research Tutorials Facebook group.


If you teach action research, you might want to join  STAR-C Supporting the Teaching of Action Research  Community.  

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