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National University 

Dr. Teri Marcos

National University 

Dr. Teri Marcos


The Center for Collaborative Action Research (CCAR) links together educators, researchers, and community organizers. The Center's aim is to create deep understanding of important social problems in a range of different contexts including, but not limited to schools, and to encourage evidence-based reasoning to solve these problems. The Center shares collaborative action research projects and supports the development of "knowledge-building" communities making use of innovative technology tools. The goal is to share what others are doing to reinvigorate their workplace with the capacity to reflect and adapt to evolving needs.


We see action researcher as a fulfilling way to live life. It is a way to invite those we work with to be a part of a process of continual innovative change.  Developed workplace practices lead to efficiencies, but often at the cost of intellectual boredom.  We can develop these practices to free up our minds to tackle the important unsolved problems that are part of our social fabric. Change is constant.  With change comes new struggles and with them new voices to blend into strategies that give life to our shared values. We invite you to join with us and make action research your dominant habit of mind.  


Center Director

Dr. Margaret Riel

Associate Director

Dr. Linda Purrington


National University 

Dr. Teri Marcos

Social Publishing Foundation 

Dr. Lonnie Rowell

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" If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change"

-Mahatma Gandhi



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